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Karel Striegel
Jun 24 · 3 min read

What is Aeternity

Aeternity is a blockchain network which allows for hosting smart contracts and dapp developments off the main network that makes it runs faster. Aeternity blockchain runs faster and seems to be more energy efficient than competing blockchains. It mainly deals with the scalability and offering extra securities for both smart contracts and dapps. Aeternity Blockchain includes a “Decentralized Oracle Machine” that brings in data from outside sources to be used in smart contracts.

Why we add support for Aeternity

When adding new blockchains we look at several key metrics before we decide to spend time and effort on supporting the integration. One of the criteria is to validate if the chain can improve the real world usability of distributed ledger technology, this relates to UX, performance and transaction costs.

Aeternity focusses on increasing the scalability of smart contracts and DApps. It accomplishes scaling by moving smart contracts off-chain. It is not necessary for a smart contract to exist on-chain for it to be enforceable and secure. At the same time, millions of transactions can be processed much more efficiently, since they are executed off the blockchain. State channels allow micro- and nano-payments to be executed much more quickly and cost-effectively.

We would like to give some special kudos to Marco from for building not only the Aeternity Arkane provider but also the Aeternity JAVA SDK. 🎊 🙇

For the developers amount us, we’ve updated our documentation and our demo application, so anyone can start building user-friendly Aeternity Dapps.

Read more about Aeternity here.

Read more about building blockchain applications with Arkane here.

Arkane Network

The Wallet as a Service that can easily be integrated in any application.

Karel Striegel

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Co-Founder and CEO of Arkane.Network

Arkane Network

The Wallet as a Service that can easily be integrated in any application.

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