What is Arkane and what can it do for me?

Karel Striegel
Oct 16, 2018 · 3 min read
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What is Arkane?

Arkane is a translation layer. It translates a difficult language (blockchain) into a language understood by most developers (REST API).

So Arkane is not a wallet? Arkane has a wallet. The Arkane wallet is an example of what developers can build using Arkane.

With just a few lines of code, developers can give their users the option of securing their digital assets via owning a blockchain wallet without leaving their platform. We take care of all the nitty-gritty blockchain requirements so you can focus on your core business.

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As a blockchain-enthusiasts what can Arkane do for me?

  • One account and one place to manage all their wallets.
  • Get access to their wallets using socials logins.
  • Ability to transfer crypto to any of their crypto and non-crypto friends.
  • Ability to manage wallets on multiple blockchains.
  • Customer support (3 person team ready to help out where needed, less than 24hrs response time)
  • Provide a wallet that is browser and device agnostic. Any device, anywhere. (including mobile)
  • Offers support for digital assets on multiple blockchains. Tokens (ERC20) but also NFT’s (ERC721, ERC1155).

As a developer what can Arkane do for me?

Projects/Dapps using Arkane can produce an application:

  • that doesn’t require users to own a blockchain wallet. (apps can provide one for the user)
  • that doesn’t require the end-user to download software (browser extensions, dapp browsers, …)
  • that works in any browser.
  • that is device agnostic (web, desktop, mobile, console)
  • that can be put in the iOS and Android store (e.g 0xGames has 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors and 0xRacers in the Apple and Google store)
  • where the blockchain technology is not visible to the end-user. (White labeled)
  • that can define certain restrictions/limitations on wallets. (App wallets)
  • which supports multiple chains. (e.g items on Ethereum and TRON, …)
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Arkane Network

The Wallet as a Service that can easily be integrated in…

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