KRATOS™ token (TOS) to be listed on LAToken Exchange

KRATOS™ has announced its token TOS will be listed on LAToken, a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity supply for new utility and security tokens.

KRATOS™ is world’s 1st Blockchain and Cloud-based hybrid ERP platform to facilitate physical commodities trading on blockchain network. KRATOS™ helps all the stakeholders of the physical commodity trading eco-system by making the trade flow transparent, less complex and more efficient.

‘TOS’ token can also be purchased from LAToken token sale platform. According to Ashish Srivastava, Director and Sr. Vice President of Arkratos,

“We are excited to announce that ​TOS Token sale has been launched on LAToken Exchange. LAToken will provide liquidity to the members of commodities trading ecosystem, who wants to be a part of the KRATOS™ platform.”


KRATOS™ is World’s 1st Blockchain and Cloud-based hybrid ERP platform. KRATOS™ aims to transform the physical commodity trading industry, which is suffering from various challenges including the acquisition of trade finance. Despite numerous programs and schemes introduced by several international banks, there is always an increasing gap in trade finance. Other challenges include the involvement of an immense number of middlemen, systematic abuse resulting in mistrust among the trading partners and an increased overhead cost. By using blockchain technology, KRATOS™ promises to make the trading process transparent and more efficient. The Token Curated Registries (TCR) will also help SME’s acquire trade finance and help financiers find reliable and potential trades.

About LAToken

LAToken is a blockchain platform that tokenizes and makes tradeable assets ranging from equity and debt to real estate and works of art.

For asset owners: LAToken unlocks the value of assets by enabling owners to sell their tokenized fractions to crypto-investors.

For investors: LAToken opens global access to real assets using cryptocurrency, with low transaction costs and maximum transparency and security.

LAToken is based on a profitable home equity marketplace and back office for hedge funds founded by LAToken’s CEO, who invested $1m in this business. The marketplace, which was founded in 2013, processed 1,000+ deals last year with 35 banks and investors and is now adding new asset classes.

About Arkratos Blockchain Solutions

Arkratos is a Blockchain lab based in Singapore. We provide end-to-end services related to Blockchain and Smart contracts product development, Tokenomics and Whitepaper advisory.

Our Flagship product KRATOS™ is World’s 1st Blockchain & Cloud-Based Hybrid ERP. Built on Ethereum, KRATOS™ works as a decentralized commodities trade and finance platform that uses smart contracts to remove the need for unnecessary middlemen and paper documentation, to enhance transparency and efficiency as well as to lower the cost and time involved in the trade process. Please click here for a free demo of the Product.

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