What is the best editor for my needs?

In 2013 we started our company arkulpa, most of the time I spent with coding PHP and some simple JavaScript. At this time I was really happy with using PhpStorm. It has great features for PHP, Symfony, Doctrine and twig. All I needed that time…

But then I slowly switched from PHP to do more and more JavaScript. Building web apps with AngularJS later React and Ember.js and also switched to Node.js for APIs and backends. But often I wasn’t very happy with the JavaScript performance of PhpStorm so I tried other editors and the editor carousel started.

the editor carousel

Atom, Visual Studio Code, vim and PhpStorm

Really important for me is good formatted code, lint support, autocompletion and I want to use the same editor for all languages.

All of my needs should be combined with good performance ;)

First I tried Atom → then I switched to Visual Studio Code → then I tried to use vim → went back to Atom → switched to PhpStorm → tried to get PHP support running for Visual Studio Code → gave vim another try→ went back to Atom …

Currently I am fine with Atom,…

I went away from Atom first and second time because of not really working code formatting with JS and JSX. Then two weeks ago I read a pull request from create react app that was the first time I read about prettier. Now I’m using the prettier-atom plugin in combination with ESLint, also disabled all formatting from language-babel and it works really great!

The list of plugins I use

I use Atom for developing new stuff with React, Node.js and Ember.js and for maintaining older projects with PHP/Symfony.

for JS

for PHP

for both

Final words

The setup is working for me, probably until I read something about new features in Visual Studio Code or how super fast vim is :)

Questions or suggestions are welcome!

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