Linux Compatibility for the EOS Mod for ARMA 3

In Black Sh33p, we use the EOS scripts in our Mission-Building framework (and we love it!). However, with the recent installation of our Linux server, we found some incompatibilities due to Linux’ case-sensitive treatment of file paths.

The steps I took to fix the issues were:

  • Download and extract the latest version of EOS
  • Rename the EOS folder to eos
  • Rename the Core folder to core
  • Rename b_Launch.sqf to b_launch.sqf
  • In the file eos/core/Spawn_fnc.sqf, replace all occurrences of functions with Functions

For the Linux server admins out there, the steps above can be accomplished using the following commands:

mv EOS eos
mv Core core
mv eos/core/b_Launch.sqf eos/core/b_launch.sqf
sed -i 's/functions/Functions/g' eos/core/Spawn_fnc.sqf

I’ve also contacted bangabob to hopefully fix these internally for a future release so that this is no longer necessary.

Hope this helps!

Originally published at on January 12, 2014.