Quick Tip for 3D Editor in ARMA 3

This suggestion comes from a discussion I had with Zerith over at Bourbon Warfare.

For anyone who’s ever tried to build any type of custom camp or place static weapons in towers or other such detailed spatial tasks in the ARMA 3 2D editor, you are keenly aware of the associated tedium and frustration that ensues. Need to rotate that lamp post 2 degrees? Exit, adjust, reload, rinse, repeat ad nauseam.

With the advent of Zeus, BIS is well on their way to having an extremely capable 3D editor. All it’s really missing is an “Export to mission.sqm” function. That’s where we can bring in MCC. The MCC mod also has its own 3D editor, but I believe Zeus outperforms it in many ways. MCC does give us the missing Export functionality.

  1. Load up the Editor
  2. Place a Player and a Zeus Game Master module
  3. Preview the mission
  4. Use Zeus to quickly build out that amazing base
  5. Use MCC to export your mission.sqm

Originally published at erictgrubaugh.com on July 26, 2014.