Challenging startups communication: key strategies

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Today communication is quite different than it was in the past. Social media and digital marketing have transformed it into a multi-channel and multi-platform discipline. Words like optimization, internet of things or digital transformation happen to be the relevant key-words for the field.

This was influenced by the rising of the digital economy, based on technology innovation. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are investing their time in building technology for a range of different services and fields of work. Either for fashion, financial services or in the health, startups are reshaping trade, services and commodities, revolutionizing how we connect with products and brands.

These technological companies, as innovators, demand a new form of communication.

At Armazém Criativo we aim to help startups to target customers in a more effective and appealing way. Simplifying their message, humanizing the content and their value proposition.

We aim to transform the complexity of the technology into a smart, simple and effective communication.

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These are our principles for a good communication strategy:

We must understand the client’s core business.

We must be agile thinkers;

We must create a strong narrative.

We integrate web, video and motion to simplify interaction.

We understand sometimes technology it’s hard to explain. So, our mission is to make it simple, human and appealing.

Armazém Criativo is a creativity driven agency that believes in the power of great stories for forward thinking brands.

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Armazém Criativo

Sharing stories for the brands we love.

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