The importance of self-initiated projects

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“Escape” documentary

tefan Sagmeister, one of the most revered and influential designers today, takes a sabbatical between seven years, to experiment, to reflect and fuel his work. Creativity, as a practice, is a relentless discipline of exploring, “travelling” into the unpredicted, outside of norms and from our comfort zone. Related to this is the idea that the ancient Greeks had with the word catharsis, as a process of purification through art, of self-discovering.

In Armazém Criativo we believe that self-initiated projects help us grow. We deeply recognise it as a major force of improvement. The essence of a studio resides in the culture, in the way that culture is a representation of what connects us together, as humans. under different personal desires and beliefs. So, we go after personal projects.

These projects are based in a desire, need or personal identification, and as the name denotes, don’t hang on on a client need or purpose. They are originated in our minds and start with a basic concept — how can we share something we love?

By making these projects as labours of love.

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“Casa Tomaz Ribeiro” project

Like Escape, a documentary about custom-made motorbikes or Casa Tomaz Ribeiro, a digital and print story about a house near the Atlantic Ocean, they reflect what drives us.

These stories stimulate us to create solid stories with the tools that we offer in our studio, either going for short films or to a digital platform. An unceasing effort that keeps us involved and committed. They are assembled step by step, not imposing things or taking nothing for certain and guaranteed.

Soon, we discover that brands we relate, pursuit these principles and this ambiguity. Because brands, as we see it, are culture mediators between humans and the society.

Like a boomerang, we try to catch clients and brands that nurture and encourage love stories, that value self-motivation, desire and creativity.

Either associated to a city, such as the beloved project Thank you, Porto. or with sports or technology, we truly believe that people respond to a purpose, to relevant and immersive content.

Armazém Criativo is a creativity driven agency that believes in the power of great stories for forward thinking brands.

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Armazém Criativo

Sharing stories for the brands we love.

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