4 >A good year

So you won Europa League with Crotone, and then?

If you follow me on twitter you already know what happened in this third season in charge of the sharks, two stunning things: we won the Europa League and gained direct acces to UCL finishing third in serie A.

2019 Europa League winner

I’m obviously happy about these remarkable achievements but it’s already time to think about the future of this career, could I reach more than this?

Probably, but it will take a lot of time.

Serie A 2018–19 final table, third title in a row for Juve

We’re dragged down by our tiny stadium, our 12500 all-seater doesn’t suit UCL football so well and most importantly can’t provide the right amount of money to match our ambitions.

After a successful season the board just revealed the budget for the fourth season:

Unimpressive uh?

I already spent some money signing a new central defender (3.5 M for Argentinian Mammana) and renewing Jan Baranek (1.9 M euro per season) and Norbert Balogh (1.75 M) contracts, as you see I already terminated the money available for wages, not a good sign as I should adjust the budget moving money from our already ridiculous (for a club playing in the UCL) transfer kitty.

Lys Mousset, my top scorer (22 goals overall), “only” earns 1 M per season and already started moaning for a better deal.

I’m trying to keep expectations low, setting them to “league winner” would have meant a 17.87 M transfer budget and 27.1 M for wages, too risky and not worthwhile in my opinion.

Crotone F.C. financial overview in June 2019

We have a sound balance but the board are cautious to invest in new players and better facilities, I was thinking to ask for a new stadium as the present one can’t be improved but I’ll probably wait for now, expenses for a new stadium could reduce our already tight balance, it seems that I’m facing a stalemate scenario here.

Surely it’s a challenging situation, taking part in the Uefa Champions League is a huge step for us, huge and exciting at the same time, mainly cause the team won’t change too much from last season, a team media predicted to finish 8th in serie A…

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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