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A Football Manager save with Crotone F.C.

Why Crotone? Because I like the idea to play vs. top flight clubs managing a below par team, we could say we are a serie B team playing in serie A, the board didn’t invest after the promotion and we lack adequate players and up to date facilities for this level.

Anyway last season they were promoted to Serie A for the first time in their history and now it’s up to me trying to retain this status.
The Sharks (Gli Squali) have no money and too many loans, a problematic debut season is on the way.
My plan is to play a careful and counter-attacking kind of football, the “score one more than your opponents” approach is long gone, this season will be all about grinding results and staying away from the relegation zone.
Tactically I could start with a 3–5–1–1, using a shadow striker in the hole and wingbacks down the flanks.
I need time to make experiments with roles, cause I like to develop my own tactics and I rarely used this one.
You should expect some udates about this save, here and on my twitter account, be sure to check both if you’re interested.

Crotone F.C. key facts

  • Media prediction: 20th
  • Stadium: Ezio Scida, 12.500 all-seater
  • Good training facilities
  • Below average training facilities
  • Transfer budget: 1.66 M (euro)
  • Wage budget: 12 M (lowest in Serie A)

The summer transfers

Overall we spent 3 M and we sold players for 2.1 M, all the players I signed on loan have an agreed price clause, a rule of thumb I usually follow.

It’s obviously a work in progress, but this should be my setup, I’m going to test this in the first part of the season and see how it works.

I hope you like the style of this update, leave your comments here (if you’re a Medium user) or on twitter if you prefer.

Stay tuned and Forza Squali!

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