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Or when a tight defensive system becomes even tighter…

Another year, another story, but this second season with Crotone in Football Manager 17 has somthing in common with the previous one, if last season we had the 2nd best defensive record of the league, this time we have the best one, only conceded 28 goals in 38 games.

Thanks to this impressive achievement we improved our final serie A position as well, a superb 6th place that means we’ll play in Europe next season for the first time in our history!

Serie A 2017–2018 final table (click to enlarge)

I’ve made some tweaks to my original tactic, small improvements that allowed us to slightly improve our performances, of course we’re still not scoring enough, a fact that could bring further developments to our tactical asset.

Not an easy choice, we would’nt have been at this point without this sensible approach and I’m not sure if this squad could work in a different and more attacking framework.

Mvp of the season: Bruno Paulista

This 22 yrs central midfielder joined last summer on loan from Sporting Clube de Portugal and immediately impressed everyone here at Crotone, his winning mentality helped to improve our consistency: 7 goals, 2 assists, 21 key passes and 5 pom’s.

A stunning debut, I already asked Sporting to extend his loan for other two years, fingers crossed…

2017–18 Crotone overall players stats (click to enlarge)

Norbert Balogh was my most prolific scorer, even if prolific could be the wrong word to be used here, considering he scored only 9 goals this season, anyway he’s a talented striker, a technically gifted target man, unfortunately his finishing attribute is a bit low (10) for this level, I still have faith in him though.

Now it’s time for a bit of autocelebration because me and the club received some awards this season:

Best manager
Alex Cordaz, our 35 years old keeper, in good company…

At the end of this update few words to describe my tactic, I’ve used complete wing-backs on support duty and I found they added to our game a different dimension, they’re more prone to reach the byline and can create more dangers in the last third of the pitch without leaving us exposed at the back.

I also changed from mixed to short passing to improve our possession ratio and giving the ball away less, the main problem remains not having enough players in the opponent box but it’s a shape/style of play related issue, I’m not sure I could change that without adopting another kind of tactic.

If you enjoyed this article spread the word and…beware the Sharks!

P.S. I forgot to write about the players I signed this year, go there if you’re interested: 2017–18 Crotone transfers