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How did the Sharks perform in their first Serie A season?

It’s over, my first season with Crotone is over, Serie A is a tough and challenging league but we were able to cope with it quite well, our final 8th place is a satisfying outcome for a team predicted to finish 20th.
As I told you in my previous post my first target was to build a team based on a solid defensive system and then trying to hit my opponents on the counter, the numbers say It was a successful approach: we have the second (worst) scoring record, only 32 goals (less than one per game), but the 2nd best defensive record of the league, enough to reach a comfortable top half finish.
We’ve been unspectalar but solid all the season long, maybe we put together too many draws but it payed off.

Serie A 2016–17: final table

Diego Falcinelli was our best scorer with 14 goals overall, while youngster Dimitri Oberlin, playing in the shadow striker role, delivered 6 assists; talking about strikers, in January, youngster Simone Mazzocchi joined on loan from Atalanta (I knew him from my previous Siena save) and he made an instant impact scoring 4 goals in 8 games, the boy is surely talented.
Unfortunately these three, like many other players at the club, are on loan, so I’m clueless about their future, they have some potential so I hope they could stay with us another season.

2016–17: overal players stats

I know nothing about next season budget while I’m writing this, our financial situation is improved after one season in Serie A, but crazy signings with silly wages aren’t allowed, the plan would be to reduce the loans, signing some of them on a permanent basis, then looking for other good deals without overspending.
Tactically I could try to play a more expansive kind of football but this will obviously depends on the players I’ll have at my disposal.
For example I could use complete wing-backs down the flanks instead of simple wing-backs, or move another player behind the lone striker so to develop a sort of Christmas tree tactic.

A lot of things could happen during the summer in the transfer market, probably the area that shouldn’t be touched is our defensive department: Baranek (a nice debut season), Ceccherini, Sempirisi, Gronner, Martella, Germano (surprisingly good even at this level) and Gersbach are still under contract and showed to be Serie A material.

It’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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