How to win at Sports Team Twitter: Champions League Edition

There’s a long history of the official Twitter accounts of pro sports teams using Twitter for either the hilarious or the not-quite-thought-out: they range from Philadelphia’s “New Phone Who Dis?” response to Sacremento’s offer of swapping the #1 pick in 2016, to the Calgary Flames thanking their provincial rivals for knocking the LA Kings out of playoff contention in 2015, or the Houston Rockets’ controversial “shooting the horse” tweet at the Dallas Mavericks midway through a Game 3 massacre in the 2015 Western Conference Quarterfinals. European football teams, however, do not have the same reputation for social media hilarity: I don’t know whether it’s a cultural thing, linguistic divides, or just teams not placing a great emphasis on social media, but scrolling through the Twitter feed of the average European club tends to be updates on games in progress, transfers, ticket sales, or news items.

Enter Borussia Monchengladbach.

The German side travelled to Glasgow today to play Celtic in the Champions League, and came upon this hilarious photo of a pub advertisement in the Scottish city:

In their defense, “Monchengladbach” is tricky to spell on the first try

But the real hilarity came in a realization shortly thereafter, with Borussia Monchengladbach’s Twitter manager deserving a significant bonus for this:

More of this, please.

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