Kicking About: Leicester City Dream Lives

Turns out we’re still living in bizarro world where Leicester City are the last English team left in the EPL

Two of the richest clubs in the world and one of the more recently successful clubs have to split their country’s Champion’s League moneys three ways because they’re just that good. On the other hand, England is so seemingly trash against European competition that Leicester City just gets to waltz in and walk away with England’s full share of the spoils, because City citied and the Foxes are somehow still in it.

Come aboard all and hop onto my conspiracy train in which Craig “The Judas” Shakespeare orchestrated the public crucifixion of everyone’s favorite soccer grandfather in order to take the reigns over the English Champions and drive them into the final eight of Europe’s most prestigious club competition. Possibly the worlds. Neither I nor Cameron Climie have a good feasible explanation for why Leicester City are playing as if they have an endless supply of the Felix Felicis potion, and yet here we are.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but this might be up there in the probability scale of a Donald Trump presidential victory or a team overcoming a 4–0 away tie in the knockouts. The Sacramento Kings might be good next year and the Knicks may make the playoffs if this kind of malarkey goes on.

It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing that Leicester are doing differently outside of putting up more than the bare minimum amount of effort. They have the same squad as they did under Ranieri (which would be shocking if they didn’t given the parameters of the transfer deadline), they play roughly the same tactics and they do all the same things. Except they’re scoring and outplaying opponents.

Feasibly, there is no favorable draw for the Foxes this time. Sevilla was as good as it got in the previous ties and if you really stretch the narrative enough you could argue that they would probably want Monaco but after what happened with City, would you? Of course not, you’re not crazy. You’re a sane and functioning person I presume. From this point on, Leicester City are the definitive underdogs no matter how far they will go (this is where I want to say that this is as far as they go, but I said that last week). But that’s okay, because they’ve been there before and look how that turned out.

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