Why Armilar invested in Amplemarket…

… and a few insights on outbound sales tech

B2B outbound sales are broken

  • Prospecting potential clients, e.g., by using Crunchbase fundraising information, Clearbit company data, buying intent from Bombora, etc.
  • Finding the right person within the target organization on Linkedin/SalesNavigator
  • Enriching contact information (e.g., e-mail, phone number) with Rocket Reach or Hunter.io
  • Engaging and holding several back-and-forth interactions, through multiple channels (LinkedIn, e-mail, and phone), leveraging automation tools such as phone dialers, LinkedIn automation plugins, calendars, etc.
Sales representatives require a myriad of point solutions to prospect and engage with new customers

Enter Amplemarket.

Amplemarket’s compound solution breaks the compromise between scale/productivity and personalisation/effectiveness inherent to the combination of different point solutions
From left to right: Luís Batalha, Micael Oliveira and João Batalha.



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Armilar is Portugal’s leading venture capital funds manager, an independent VC with a 20-year-old high-performance track record and an international footprint.