2015 BMW S1000RR: Understanding User Mode

or “An German Engineers Review — 2015 BMW S1000RR: Part 2 Section User Mode”

Hello Ladies (ouh hallo Fräulein) and Gents, BMW’s new flagship racer offers 5 riding modes: Rain, Sport, Race, Slick and User Mode. The much talked about USER MODE is our German Engineer’s way to say: You can customize it towards the liking of the user. Which means in plain text or how we Germans say: clear text — you can pick and choose settings for 4 different systems ABS, DTC, DDC and Engine.

But how to set this User Mode up? How to even get there? The manual does an OK job at explaining on how to get there and a scheisse job at explaining what the functions actually do. This blog will make setting the User Mode up simple like a Fourier transform (Basic engineering tool).

Now how can you even get the User Mode?

  1. Go an buy an 2015 BMW S1000RR
  2. Do the 600 Mile / 1000 KM (which is technical not accurate, as we all know that 600 Miles are 965.6064 KM) maintenance
  3. Install the coding plug under the seat

Now that’s all done we can move on to the setup.

Turn on the bike -> Go to Setup -> User Mode, there we go verrrry good. Here you can set up the following items :

  • ABS
  • DTC
  • DDC
  • Engine

Simply select the item you want to configure and look in the tables I created below. Please be extremely cautious if you disable stoppie or wheelie control.

Function Overview

I would not recommend using the Slick selection for a public road
What my colleagues really meant here was : Road = Soft, Dynamic = Medium, Track = Hard
Both Sport and Race allow a lot of fun on public roads here. Surprisingly big Wheelies are allowed, unlike the <2015 Models
Not much to see here. Use Sport or Race. Both the same — Slick can get you easily into trouble and make you run a corner wide, if you are not careful
Computer assisted launching of us and a bike into the stratosphere? SCHEISSE JA !
Hmm, please let me know which option you choose ;)

I hope this helps you to make setting up your ideal User Mode easy, as eating a Schnitzel with a Stein of Helles :)

-Your German Engineer

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