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$ARMOR is listed as collateral on Ruler Protocol

Ruler Protocol has partnered with to list $ARMOR as collateral. 17549 $ARMOR and 25 $RULER per week have been allocated as rewards for Liquidity Providers.

With Ruler Protocol, users can:

  • Borrow stablecoins by using other assets as collateral.
  • Leverage an ecosystem that has a supply & demand-driven interest rate which is not dependent on bonding curves.
  • Be sure their position will not be liquidated as long as they follow the rules and repay back their loan on time.

Rewards will start on May 7th and will continue until at least May 29th.

About Ruler Protocol

Ruler Protocol is a lending platform where users can borrow stablecoins using other assets. It aims to fill the gap by enabling no liquidations, supply & demand-driven interest rates, and fungible, tradable loans.

To learn more, please join Ruler’s Telegram or Discord channel and Twitter account.

About Armor

Armor makes investing in DeFi as safe as possible with crypto-native, dynamic smart coverage aggregation. As a decentralized smart brokerage, Armor’s innovations provide on-demand, real-time coverage and non-custodial security solutions for user assets.

Armor’s focus is on building an ecosystem of interoperable protocols and products to secure and scale mass adoption of DeFi both with institutions and individuals.

With innovative products and programs, Armor is a leader in Defi Asset Security.

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | Github | Announcements




Armor is a smart insurance-alternative for DeFi assets.

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