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    They picked us because we learned where they struggled and fixed it.

    The Story of Problem

    If you want to consult a doctor today at Colombo, you need to spend half of your day starting around two hours in traffic, half an hour to find a parking slot, two to three hours of waiting at a hospital or clinic.

    One year before, we reached some large healthcare providers around Colombo city with a pitch of making a piece of software that can do something smart.

    The crowd you can see in any typical hospital, Sri Lanka

    We don't know what exactly the root cause, how to fix it. But one thing we believed was given we are working from Sri Lanka solving worlds hardest problems in our day to day research labs, why can't we work with a hospital to solve this issue?

    Why an established large healthcare provider listened to a four-person team?

    What’s your background?

    10+ years of experience in design, development, and implementation of large-scale messaging systems, mobile core network applications, payment processing, API management and IoT/M2M applications using Java/JVM based technologies, member of Netty framework team and author of Netty SCTP transport implementation….

    What's your background in healthcare?


    Yes, this was the first conversation with HEMAS Hospitals IT Management team, But one good thing was they have a 2020 smart hospital roadmap, and they were struggling to find a software which solves their smart thoughts.

    Here is how a smart requirement they had

    To reduce the waiting time for an individual patient standing at the front counter to make an appointment, which was currently taking an average of 3 minutes, down to 30 seconds.

    We took this challenge and this was a do or die for our startup plan Arogya Life.

    The First Arogya Healthcare System workshop, with HEMAS Hospital’s operations team

    Our target was to dig into the problem more, first, we planned a brainstorming session with the hospital operations team to find their pain points. One reason to start here is they are the key players in the scene handling 3000 patient appointments and managing 200 doctors session per day within the hospital premise, not an easy task!

    The First Arogya Healthcare System workshop was held on 24th, 25th April at Pegasus Reef Hotel with the Hemas Hospitals staff and operational team.

    People started telling their problems,

    1. System running slow
    2. The patient asks to change the payment type in last-minute cash to credit, want to pay cash and partially by card
    3. Answering calls and Facing patients in person simultaneously
    4. Additional appointments while session ongoing
    5. A doctor wants to change all up-coming Tuesday/Thursday 2 PM session to Saturday/Sunday 3 PM session with limiting patients to 30 until December, informing and rescheduling already booked patients, and we have around 5 to 10 such doctors changes daily.

    and the list is going on…

    Can a piece of software do magic?

    Yes, that's what we do always and we never say no!

    This is a bit challenging call to take, but nothing is impossible for us at the culture of Arogya team. We decided this is what is going to be unique in Arogya and we got to know the answer for “Why Arogya?”

    Based on the pain points we came up with KPIs to be achieved with Arogya System. Working together with customers, it took us 10 months to build that most wanted piece of software and we called “Arogya Lightning Channelling”

    Arogya Life’s second workshop with HEMAS team, let them play around with “Arogya Lightning Channelling” module.

    The Arogya Lightning Channelling, solving problem number one.

    Its up and running at HEMAS Wattala, Thalawathugoda Hospitals now, you can walk around and experience it.

    Moving to the problem number two!

    The Arogya team is now started working on problem number two, “Why do I need to pay for car-park while waiting for my doctor rather than doing a shopping”

    Arogya Life

    Jayakrishnan Rajagopalasarma

    Written by

    CEO & Co-Founder Arogya Life Systems

    Arogya Life

    Arogya Life Systems, The Smart Helath Platform

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