A quick list of dimensions for Social Media Images and Graphics in 2018

Here’s a quick list of common social media image and graphic sizes as well as a tip for each image/graphic.

Social Media Posts

Instagram Post — 1080 x 1080

If you’re on Instagram, an easy way to post photos and graphics from your computer is to use Hootsuite, check it out, it’s free.

Twitter Post — 1024 x 512

Twitter posts should always have an image with them. Without one, they’re simply lost in the sea of other tweets.

Facebook Post — 940 x 788

It’s good practice to include images in Facebook posts as well, it’s proven to increase engagement rate.

Pinterest Graphic — 735 x 1102

There are too many Pinterest graphics with low quality images. While an image can be any size, this format tends to look best.

Tumblr Graphic — 540 x 810

Tumblr features one of the smallest image sizes on this list, so don’t be afraid to double the dimensions to increase clarity.

Social Media Cover Photos

Tumblr Banner — 3000 x 1055

Even though the graphics are small, the banner is massive with 3000 pixel width. That’s bigger than even YouTube!

YouTube Channel Art — 2560 x 1440

Speaking of YouTube, the above size is a bit misleading. YouTube has different sized channel art depending on the platform, so while that image size is correct and needed for the overall image, your safe zone for text is actually 1546 x 423.

Twitter Header — 1500 x 500

Make sure to account for the profile picture and the space it occupies when creating or choosing a twitter header.

Facebook Cover — 820 x 312

Heads up! Facebook page covers can also be videos!

LinkedIn Banner — 1400 x 425

LinkedIn Banners are actually mostly hidden, so you’ll want to avoid placing text here. Just use an image that’ll look nice in the background or skip this entirely.

SoundCloud Banner — 2480 x 520

If you’re not on SoundCloud, you should know that it’s not just for musicians. Tons of brands use the platform to host podcasts too!

Twitch Banner — 900 x 480

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular, even for brands who are using it to launch products, show behind the scenes info and more.

Ads and other useful dimensions

Facebook Ad — 1200 x 628

Note that Facebook has a pretty strict text rule. Posts can only contain 20% or less text, and those with text are often limited in their reach.

YouTube Thumbnail — 1280 x 720

Consider beefing this up to 1920 x 1080 for higher quality thumbnails.

Facebook Event Cover — 1920 x 1080

Facebook displays events differently from standard pages. This size works better there.

Facebook App — 810 x 450

Facebook apps also have their own unique image size.