A Week’s “Worcation”

Coming back to the real world after a week off down at the South house. Got a lot of tasks ticked off, including transferring the car over, moving accounts, and changing our residency status. Got a laugh at the DMV when the clerk gave us a choice of plates. Option 1: The standard S.C. plate with a blue Palmetto on it. Option 2:

Guess which one is now on the Impreza…

After that, onto yard work and demolition — ripping up old shag carpet and pulling down paneling. Hard work, but obliterating the 70’s has it’s own type of satisfaction.

Some observations from the week:

After a week of Carolina heat, Mass heat is easy peasy.

No matter what else happens in your life, the grass keeps growing — mowed 2 lawns over 950 miles apart this week. Seems like the best time to mow is 7 P.M. Can’t mow in the morning as there’s too much dew on the field grass. Can’t mow during the day cause you’ll fry up to a red cinder if you have fair skin. Starting to re-think the necessity of a cab when we get around to the compact utility tractor…

Setbacks are just part of rehabbing. This week’s was when the new air handler for the heat pump started leaking at the corner of the unit. Instead of the condensation running into the internal pan, then to the drip tray and on outside it was dripping outside the drip tray. Came back from dinner with a huge bulge in the hallway ceiling… hopefully it’s now fixed after the HVAC company leveled the air-handler, shifted the drip-tray and rebuilt the piping for the condensation. Silver lining: it answers the question as to whether to moisten and scrape off the popcorn ceiling and save the ceiling drywall or rip it down and install new sheetrock. Looks like the new DeWalt is going to get a workout once the ceiling comes down.

On the good side: learned about turkey figs, and picked some pears and figs from the old trees beside the house.

On the bad: figs are pollinated by fig wasps, and the sap will burn your skin

On the good side: Sonic has half-price milkshakes after 8 p.m.

On the bad: discovered no matter where they are, a hound will find the deer pellets and roll in them.

On the good: Broadcasting Amdro a few weeks ago in the yard has put a noticeable dent in fire ant activity.

On the good: Think the “Farm diet” is gonna work out. First vacation I’ve lost weight from time spent doing chores and demo instead of snacking (Sonic milkshake excepted)