We Bought A … (What?)

A few years ago, our family lived in Arizona and decided it was time to relocate somewhere cooler. My wife and I both grew up in AZ, and we were ready to live somewhere that had 4 seasons and that generally stayed below 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

A film came out that year called “We Bought a Zoo”, and odd as it may sound, we really connected with the movie and its storyline. While we didn’t buy a zoo, or even anything other than a house, I think the movie inspired us to take the big step of moving somewhere different. We ended up in Colorado, in the beautiful town of Castle Rock, just south of the Denver metro area.

But it wasn’t until a few months ago that we entertained the thought of buying an equestrian ranch. An historic ranch at the entrance to our subdivision had been out of operation the past couple of years as several deals to purchase the property fell through. One day, I mentioned to my wife that the property had been on my mind recently, and she said she had been thinking about it as well, although neither of us had mentioned it to the other before. She called immediately and inquired about the property, only to find out active offers were on the table. We had to act quickly if we were to have any chance of being considered as a potential buyer.

And that is the beginning of the story of how we became owners of an equestrian center on 50+acres of land, and how we started on an amazing journey of life Around the Ranch. We are looking forward to sharing our adventure here in this publication.