Celebrities swear by these beauty hacks, but do they actually work?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Every day there’s a new beauty hack posted by a famous beauty blogger or a celebrity. And every day millions of girls around the world try them without having enough research on them. Women around the world are always desperate to modify their silhouettes. Therefore, seeing celebrities’ flawless hair or perfect body makes any woman eager to try their tricks. So, rather than let you experiment with another potentially bad beauty trick this week, we did some research for you and here’s what we found.

Beauty Hack #1: Waist Trainers

What are waist trainers?

The theory behind them is that if you wear them on a daily basis for a set amount of time, your body will eventually reduce the size of your waist, giving you an ‘hour-glass’ silhouette.

While there is no evidence that it’s true, there is proof that it can lead to some pretty bad effects:

  • Skin irritation.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Breathing.
  • Bruising.
  • Numbness.
  • Psychological toll.

Beauty Hack #2: Using dental floss to extract

Scraping and digging through your skin with a minty floss isn’t the key to getting rid of blackheads. It will surely take off whatever layer or natural face oils and dead skin cells that are already on your nose (which any good face cleanser can do) but “this hack can also leave little stripes of purpura — AKA small, bleeding blood vessels — down your nose,” says Dr. Gohara. “Imagine a bunch of striped, purple hickeys front and center on your face; skip it and leave extractions to your derm.”

Beauty Hack #3: Limes In Place Of Deodorant

Rubbing a lime on your armpits can help us preserve the Ozone layer. But Joshua Zeichner, MD, says it could quickly take a turn for the worse (lime is acidic, after all). “Limes can cause skin irritation and red, burning, scalding rashes”. Lemons and limes contain a chemical called psoralens, which make the skin photosensitive. So, why go through the trouble when you can just use deodorant? Sorry Ozone!!

I’ve been studying in Istanbul for over a year now. And it’s obvious that these girls take care of themselves from outfits to hair and makeup. So, some of them might have tried one of these beauty hacks. So, I went out and asked some girls in Bilgi University if they used any of these beauty hacks and if they had a good experience. I spoke to Ayşe from the business department who wore a waist trainer for 3 months. Now, Ayse thought that if she wore it she would get that hour-glass shape even if she ate whatever she wants. But to her surprise, she gained 3 kilos. She later made some research and found out that when you eat more than your usual while wearing the waist-trainer, the pressure on your stomach makes your size increase x2. I spoke to Zeynep who studies International trade. Zeynep suffered from a sensitive skin she would get blackheads all the time. She tried removing them in many ways from fingers to dental floss. It caused her some small scars, she said that the best solution is using salicylic acid gel.

In conclusion, Research is always the key. If you are willing to try any new beauty hack you saw on Instagram or youtube, research it well. Trying a beauty hack just because Kim Kardashian did it isn’t that good of a reason. A lot of celebrities advertise products without fully knowing if it’s healthy or not.

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