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An Official Rebuttal to Recent Rumors About the Arowana Project

Dear Arowana community members,

We have recently found that rumors about the Arowana project have been reported by specific media and a reporter, and related content in the community has become a topic of conversation among holders.
The Arowana team has realized that those contents may cause Arowana holders to come across wrong facts about the project and lower the credibility of the project. Therefore, we are posting this notice to correct the false in the articles published by certain media.

Through this announcement, we would like to give you an official statement on the rumors floating in the Arowana community.

Currently, there are three major issues in the rumors.

First of all, the allegations have already been clarified through an official announcement of the Bithumb exchange and the Arowana project team.

In December 2020, the preparation of documents for listing was carried out, and according to the listing procedure required by Bithumb exchange, Arowana was preparing for listing for a long time by submitting the necessary documents to the exchange. This can be founded in the official Bithumb announcement.

1. Bithumb Announcement: Link

2. Arowana Medium: Link

3. Press Release: Link

Regarding the second suspicion of price manipulation (MM), we had to check with Jin-Hong Park, who was in charge of the overall listing for Arowana. The answer we got from him was that there were market-making requests from GoldU Group Co., Ltd, not Hancom.
That request was not even accepted which means that there was no attempt for price manipulation from any of the parties.

The third suspicion was that Arowana was taking the profit out of moving the token prior to listing.
The fact is that Arowana has moved the token, however, that was entirely for the operation of the Arowana project, such as airdrops, development, and various events.


The token movement was entirely for the operation of Arowana’s business and for users, and the allegations about this are not true at all.

The malicious rumor that Arowana took a profit from the market is also not true.

Before listing and on the date of listing, Arowana foundation did not have any tokens in the exchange wallet except for the custody wallet.
Therefore, the rumors that Arowana profited from it or made a profit by influencing the market are false.

We are deeply sorry for the fact that certain media continues to publish articles about Arowana with malicious intent.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who continue to believe in and watch the Arowana Project.

For those who support our project regardless, we are truly thankful for them and for the media that damaged the project's reputation based on false facts and speculation, Arowana will take legal action against them.

Thank you.

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