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AroWallet — Service Preview(Part 1. NFT)

Dear Arowana community members!

The development of the project’s own wallet, ‘AroWallet’, is getting closer to the end, and will be released as soon as we finish the development.

Before the release of AroWallet, you will see what services are available in the wallet in advance at a glance.

AroWallet not only works as a cryptocurrency wallet but also provides various features.

Users can purchase NFTs in AroWallet.
On this platform, users can do all NFT-related activities, such as checking the trending NFTs, and NFT collections, purchasing NFTs, and participating in Auctions.

Through My Collections features, users can check the detailed information of the NFT that they owned, such as NFT image, name, characteristics, and transaction history.

Users can search for the NFT they want in the NFT market and purchase it.

When purchasing NFT, users can pay using cryptocurrency in their AroWallet at low cost and high speed. This is faster and more economical than the normal purchasing process.

In NFT auctions, users can intuitively check the lowest and highest bid of products.

By putting the price as the users want, they can win the auction NFTs.

Provides a QR code that can be used for real assets sold in the actual NFT market.

When users use the real-world asset NFT purchased in the Arowana NFT Market, it shows that the NFT has been used in real time through the QR code.

Today, we went through NFT-related services among the services available in AroWallet.

In the next posting, we will go over another service of AroWallet, financial service.

Thank you



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