AroWallet — Service Preview(Part 2. Finance)

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3 min readMar 9


Dear Arowana community members,

In addition to the NFT feature discussed in our previous post, AroWallet, the Arowana wallet service, also offers various other services.

  • Arowana Staking Service

The staking service refers to the process by which users who hold virtual assets store them in a specific wallet while receiving a certain reward. This helps to maintain the value of virtual assets and can increase the stability of blockchain networks. Users can earn interest through the amount and duration of their staking, and when recruitment is open, users of the app can participate in staking without complex processes.

  • Swap Service

Swap refers to the exchange of different virtual assets at a certain ratio. Exchanging virtual assets through exchanges incurs high fees, but by using the AroWallet, users can use the service at a lower cost.
One advantage of using the swap service in AroWallet is that it lowers the possibility of delays or failures in exchanging virtual assets.
Users can select the gas fee according to the transaction speed and proceed with the swap.

  • Decentralized Wallet Service

Users can store and trade various virtual assets in AroWallet. Since the user’s private key is not stored on a centralized server, there is less risk of hacking or malicious software attacks.

  • Token Wallet

Users can check the number of virtual assets they hold and their value according to market prices in Korean won. When selecting a virtual asset, users can also use additional functions such as transaction history, holdings, deposit, and transfer.

  • Virtual Asset Transfer

Users can transfer virtual assets by entering the address and quantity to be transferred. Virtual asset wallet addresses can be managed separately as an address book.

The Arowana project aims to develop a service that provides all of Arowana’s services through AroWallet while making it easy for users to use, creating a new economic model and ecosystem.

Arowana is coordinating the schedule considering internal and external circumstances.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the release of AroWallet.

Thank you