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Arowana: Monthly Update — Dec 2022

Arowana monthly update for November and December 2022.

You may find the monthly update for October here.

Major activites on Nov~Dec

CodeGate 2022 External Activities: In November, Hancom Group participated in ‘CodeGate 2022’, the world’s largest international hacking defense competition and global security conference.
The conference, held for the 14th time this year, consists of an international hacking defense contest where white hackers from all over the world participate, a ‘Global Security Conference’ that delivers the latest security trends and issues, and various hacking experience programs and exhibitions that the general public can participate.
At the event, Arowana also participated in the blockchain section. Arowana introduced the details of the project and promoted Arowana by giving Arowana tokens to visitors to the booth.

Softwave 2022 External Activities: In December, Arowana participated in Softwave 2022 as an external activity. The Softwave is a professional software-ICT business conference that introduces the overall software-related industries such as AI, big data, metaverse, and NFT. A total of 300 companies and 550 booths were held this year.
At the conference, the Hancom group introduced the web 3.0 metanomics e-commerce platform ‘Azmeta’ through an exhibition booth, showing the direction of focusing on the technological application of blockchain, which is starting to be recognized as another infrastructure besides virtual assets.

Last November and December were meaningful months in that the development of the Arowana wallet was all completed and preparations were completed to have its own token distribution ecosystem.
We believe that 2022 was a year in which Arowana was able to overcome numerous trials and errors and obtain nutrients for greater growth in 2023.
In 2023, Arowana will try to give all the results back to our supporters through the newly introduced Arowana service.

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