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Arowana: Monthly Update — June 2022

Arowana monthly update for June. You may find the monthly updates for the previous month here.

  • NFT Marketplace Service Expansion
    On June 17, 2022, as stated in the updated Arowana roadmap, the Klaytn network was implemented in the Arowana NFT marketplace to expand its service. By using the Klaytn network, Arowana NFT Marketplace has been able to provide advanced services to users and increase the convenience of use of the platform.
  • Napoleon NFT Release
    On June 19, 2022, three types of Napoleon NFTs were released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death.
    In collaboration with the original French musical team of the musical <Napoleon>, the NFT has been released to provide various benefits related to the musical, and successful bidders are eligible to receive additional special benefits.
  • ARW Listing on MEXC Exchange
    On June 21, 2022, the Arowana token (ARW) was listed on MEXC, one of the largest global exchanges with approximately 6 million users in more than 200 countries around the world.
  • Releases 8 types of NFT products that can be used in reality
    Arowana has released 8 types of useful NFT products that can be used in real life. People who purchased the product can get design goods, legal advice, style consulting, haircut, massage, etc.
  • Press Release

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