Arowana: Monthly Update — Oct 2022

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3 min readNov 9, 2022


Arowana monthly update for October 2022.

You may find the monthly update for September here.

  • E-BIZ app, eill, UI/UX Development, and Arowana Token Integration:
    Arowana got on board with the development of the E-BIZ app, eill, which is being developed by Hancom. Arowana token integration was carried out within the app.
    eill is a platform where users can easily purchase a variety of foods, drinks, gift cards, and convenience products in the form of coupons with eill points.
    As Arowana has increased the utilization of ARW in connection with the actual product, the token has been integrated into eill platform so that users can purchase points called AroCredit.
    The Arowana team is planning to gradually expand the scope of use so that users can purchase physical-based products in the future with AroCredit.
  • AroWallet Service and App Development: In October, Arowana has been developing its mobile wallet, AroWallet.
    AroWallet has applied safety features using blockchain technology so that users can safely store their coins freely from hacking. In addition, various services can be used at once within the wallet application.
    The services to be supported by the AroWallet app are as follows.
    - Arowana NFT Market for trading
    - Arowana Staking Service
    - Coin swap
    - Decentralized wallet service
    The development for the service has been completed and UI/UX testing is in progress. Arowana Wallet is an important work to build a more convenient Arowana ecosystem for our users. It is a meaningful development in that it creates a completely independent ecosystem from sign-up to using all Arowana services within the wallet.

October was the month for Arowana to focus on token expansion and wallet and service development in line with the Arowana roadmap.

In November, Arowana is planning on upgrading the infrastructure so that all the services that are currently developing can be launched as soon as possible.

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