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[New Listing] Global Exchange WISEBITCOIN Lists ARW/USDT for Trading

Dear Arowana community,

WISEBITCOIN will list ARW/USDT trading pairs on Aug 12th 6:00 UTC.

  • Withdraw Open: Aug 12th 6:00 UTC
  • Trade Open: Aug 12th 6:00 UTC

For more details, please check here.


Wisebitcoin is a decentralized global exchange for professional traders with a multicultural team of over 50 specialists. Wisebitcoin provides the trading/exchange platform for Cryptocurrency products. Its user-friendly platform allows the traders to take advantage of the global blockchain market’s rapid growth.

The key difference from traditional exchanges: at Wisebitcoin, you can place long and short positions with leverage up to 100:1 depending on the cryptocurrency. Combined with scalability and potential growth offered by Wisebitcoin, it provides the crypto traders with richer liquidity pool and highest quality of services.

About Arowana (ARW)

Arowana Project is a platform that converts physical assets into digital assets and issues, guarantees, exchanges, and trades them.
The Arowana Project builds a more valuable digital asset ecosystem through 6 differentiated ICT-based services.



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