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ARPA Ask-Me-Anything with ChainNode

How Will Private Cloud Computing Networks Change the Blockchain World?

Project Background:

Q: What was the original intention of launching the ARPA project? Why did you look in this direction?

Q: Could you describe the technical highlights of ARPA? What have you accomplished?

Q: How is ARPA progressing? Can you describe in detail the current development efforts, market expansion plans, expected applications, and when will they be commercially available?

“At present, we are the only project which can meet the requirements of enterprise-level computing MPC.”

Q: Can you compare the differences between star projects in the current market, which focus on privacy solutions? For example, PlatON?

Q: ARPA’s entry point is enterprise-class privacy data sharing, and there are many projects in similar directions on the market, such as GXC. How does ARPA differ in this regard? What are the enterprise partnerships?

“The IEO model is not new in South Korea.”

Q: How did ARPA become the first China-Korean joint IEO? On what trading platform will you conduct the IEO and what is the relationship between ARPA and the platform? Why do you choose to open both platforms in China and South Korea at the same time?

Q: What do you think of the current IEO trend?

Q: What are ARPA’s enterprise partners?

Q: How does ARPA make profits?

Q: How do ordinary users participate in ARPA? Could one run nodes, for instance?



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