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Dec 18 | ARPA Bi-Weekly News Update Debut

Dear community,

Welcome to our first bi-weekly update, where we share news in our community, events, tech development and project progress every other week. Thank you so much for your interest in ARPA!

ARPA Official Whitepaper Now Available

After releasing the brief version of whitepaper, or litepaper, on Oct 2nd, we are more than thrilled to announce that the official whitepaper has been made available to the public! Thank you all for your patience, warm support and interest in ARPA. This document fully illustrates everything you need to know about our project: why secure computation network, what ARPA can offer, background knowledge about MPC, system design and implementation, detailed explanation of our multiparty computation protocol, and implications and applications of the real world.

You can access our whitepaper on ARPA official website, Please send us any further questions or inquiries to .

MPC Demo Video Now Online

ARPA official MPC demo video, along with the v0.7 whitepaper, is now available on In this demo, Felix Xu (co-founder and CEO) and Jiang Chen (co-founder and tech lead) showcased a privacy-preserving way to analyze data from multiple data sources without disclosing any party’s private information.

You can also watch the full video on ARPA official website,

ARPA Cohosted Blockchain Sanctum Cocktail Party in New York

On Nov 26th, ARPA co-hosted Blockchain Sanctum Cocktail Party at The Marmara Park Avenue during Consensus: Invest in NYC, along with Evolution Capital and BGOGO, Liaoyuan, Spark Blockchain, Partiko, Certik, Hyperion and Lambda. Guests were from Galaxy Digital Capital, Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, Pantera Capital and Morgan Stanley, among many others.The goal of the after-party was to connect people with each other for potential collaborations in the fast moving crypto and blockchain space. During the event, ARPA made a brief introduction about the project and showcase the future of blockchain technology applied in real world social media.

APRA Held Meetup at New York University’s Leslie Lab

Nov 29, APRA held community meetup at New York University’s Leslie Lab with Block72 and CHNGE. Students from NYU, community members and members from CHNGE attended this meetup. Felix Xu, co-founder and CEO of ARPA, gave the community a recent update on project in general and tech progress. Once again, Felix explained our vision at ARPA to implement private smart contract. ARPA can add secure computation to mainstream public chain as protocol layer, and improve the performance of public chain while preserving data privacy.

Jenny, responsible for CHNGE, showed that as a premium tech project, ARPA could provide innovation and revolution to both blockchain and startup communities.

We are glad to more founders of such projects to share their startup experience and tech development progress.

Exclusive Interview with ARPA’s co-founder & CGO Yemu Xu by Jinse Finance

For those of you who read Chinese, Jinse Finance, one of the most influential blockchain-focused media in Chinese-speaking community, conducted an exclusive interview with ARPA’s cofounder & Chief Growth Officer Yemu Xu. Take a peek here:


ARPA is the privacy-preserving solution for blockchain. ARPA’s secure computation network enables 1) private smart contract, 2) unprecedented privacy protection for data-at-use, 3) scalable computational sharding via Verifiable Computation.

ARPA enables numerous use cases including secure data renting/exchange, secure cloud computation, identity protection, computation outsourcing, etc. These cases are applicable to AI, banking, insurance, healthcare, IoT, government etc.

To get more information about ARPA, or to join our team please contact us

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ARPA Official

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