First Week at Array

This was a pretty crazy week for me as I transition from 9–5 work life to 9–5 school life. I decided to upend my life along with 6 others to come to this grand experiment call Array School of Technology and Design. When I first got here, I was nervous, excited, scared, and feeling like I might be over my head.

Now, on Monday, after being here a week, I feel more and more like I made the right decisions. This is the future, and I’m glad I’m here to take it all in.

This week was really just a refresher for me. We leaned HTML and CSS properties that we already learned in the application process. The week started off with what exactly the internet is (still can’t explain it 100%). We then jumped into what certain things in HTML and CSS mean and how they translate to what the user sees. I won’t get into the specifics, but seeing how you can start with a blank white screen and get awesome looking elements is very rewarding.

First Day Selfie!

The hardest part of the week was about positioning things in a website. I am still trying to figure that part out. What I think works one way, may not be how someone else thinks that element should look. I also felt overwhelmed about things going too fast, but I think everyone else did too as well a our instructor. We have been reviewing things and slowed down, and I have a better understanding of how things work now.

My favorite part of the week was when I accomplished something that I thought I could never get. We had an assignment to design a toolbar. I had everything working except for one stupid thing: trying to get the logo centered in the toolbar. I had worked and worked on trying different ways to write the code, but nothing seemed to work. Then, I had a tiny epiphany and tried that. You know what? It worked! I felt like I was on cloud nine. After that, I stopped working on the project for a sec, grabbed a beer, and savored my accomplishment. It feels so good to win the battle against something that has been beating you down.

On Friday, we had a speaker come in and talk to us about what it’s like being a freelancing coder. His name is Carter Parks, and he is from Laramie. The main thing I took away from that speaker was that if you have the skill set, there are the jobs out there, you don’t have to be in some crappy job that you hate, you can be almost any where in the world and make a great living. I am not looking to really be a freelancer, but his talk was very interesting.

Welp, that’s it for the first week. I’m glad I’m here, and here’s to the future!