First Week at Array

It was my first step heading off to a new adventure. I am just completing my first week at Array School of Technology and Design. This was but a first step into my six month journey, and I can say it’s off to a great start. These past five days have been scary, challenging, but also inspiring, fulfilling, and incredibly fun.

I have just begun getting to know my fellow students at this Array class, and I can say we are a fantastic group. We come from a very diverse age group and background, and Array brought us all together to be on this same journey for the next six months. We are already coming together as a group and have worked well with one another. I can tell that we are all enthusiastic, eager to learn, and willing to help and support one another. I suspect our group will continue to blossom with these qualities as we face bigger challenges and obstacles within this course over the next few months. I am very encouraged by this notion and I look forward to our group becoming and transforming into a team.

Personally, this first week was more or less an adjustment period. It’s a new routine for me, going from working from home in solitude to having a commute and physically working with other people is a welcomed change. The 45 minute commute each way between Fort Collins and Cheyenne creates a space for me to mentally prepare for the day, reflect on my day, or let my mind wander into random thoughts. So far, I find this to be a good way to bookend each of my days at Array.

In terms of the course material we covered in this first week, I find it to be very immersive and I think we’re going at a good pace and rhythm. We have already covered the foundational material for HTML and CSS, which I have some prior experience in, so it wasn’t totally foreign to me. We also spent time getting ourselves familiar with different development tools and IDEs, such as CodePen, Atom and Codekit. My biggest takeaways this first week to me was learning the interworking and concepts behind the internet, programming languages, and coding in general. It was important to me to learn things such as the meaning behind the coding language structures, how to set up the basic file/folder architecture for coding projects and how they work together, how HTML and CSS work together to create webpages, and how to think and code like a developer.

I can’t wait for my second week at Array and what it has in store.