First Week Under My Belt

I have already felt a huge change during the course of the first week at Array. At first it was overwhelming and terrifying. “What have I done!” I was kind of expecting that, though, and it passed after only a few days when things started to click into place.

One of the hardest things for me was the seeming inconsistencies of the code syntax. Do I use an equal sign here or a colon? I use a comma here, but not there. Things of that nature. It’s almost as if HTML was designed over the course of decades by multiple teams of people. I’ll just need to stretch those getting-used-to-it muscles.

Thursday and Friday saw a sudden increase in confidence. I was starting to understand the structure of what was going on. I really dig how HTML and CSS splits the design and organizational workload.

What I’m really excited about learning, though, is JavaScript. I can’t wait to learn how to make web pages behave like programs, or more to the point, make programs that happen to be websites.

I look forward to the variety of guest speakers we will have. Carter Parks (last Friday) spoke very engagingly about freelancing, and confirmed my suspicions that freelancing is not for me. I am terrible at it. I need the structure that more traditional work environments provide.