Introducing Array’s Open Job Application

Today, we are introducing a nontraditional approach to finding the very best people to come and work with us at The Array School of Technology & Design. This approach came out of necessity and the unique position we have found ourselves in running a school like Array in rural America. Our goal is to build a school fit for the 21st century, and we can only do that if we have the right people with the right talent. Thus — open applications!

So what is an “open application”?

Instead of us posting a typical job description, we ask you to tell us what job you want. What kind of job would make you happy? What are your skills? Do you want to teach? Do you want to work in administration? Are you passionate about working with kids K-12? Here is how it works:

  • Tell us how YOU would benefit Array. Not the other way around.
  • Instead of updating your resume to “fit” the job description just tell us what you’re good at, what you want to do, and what would make you happy.
  • You can tell us your expectations for salary, benefits, etc, from the get-go.
  • You don’t need to ask “I wonder if they are hiring?”. Because we are always hiring.
  • At the end of the day, we want you to have your dream job at Array. If you’re happy — we’re happy!

Why an “open application”? Why not just post the jobs you need?

The answer to this question is simple — we don’t know what we need. To be honest, we’re trying to solve a good problem with this process. Here are the facts:

  • Array is growing. Our school is doing well, and we are incredibly proud of the work that we have done in the short year we have been a school. We would like to think that there are no schools out there quite like Array.
  • Everyone wants us to be everything. We are consistently asked questions like, “Will you offer part-time programs?”, “Will you teach [insert language or skill here]?”, “Will you hold coding camps for kids?”, “Will you come to my school and teach [insert language or skillset]?” And we want to be able to say YES. However, this leads us to our main challenge.

We are located in rural America — in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The vast majority of schools like Array exist in much larger metropolitan areas such as Denver, San Francisco, and New York City. While running Array in a rural setting has its unique advantages — it also comes with disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is having the necessary local talent available to teach the skills of the 21st century.

At the end of the day, we felt that we needed to reverse the job application process. Instead of us trying to decide where to go next — we will let OUR PEOPLE decide where we go next.

How does this benefit myself and Array?

In one word — IMMENSELY. For a couple of reasons:

  • We feel that the application process for our future faculty is easier. Instead of conforming to the job description — just be honest and be yourself!
  • If we get asked to teach a certain language or skillset, we can ask ourselves, “Do we have anyone who has applied to Array that could fill that need?” If we do, we can hire!
  • This allows us to continue to grow but maintains our two “sacred cows”: HOW we teach our curriculum at Array and WHO teaches our curriculum at Array.
  • We grow Array based on our PEOPLE and TALENT POOL and not necessarily always in board room meetings.

In Summary

We know this is an unconventional approach — but we run a very unconventional school. We have unique perks and challenges running a school like Array in rural Wyoming. We want to grow, but we don’t how to do so without sacrificing our culture and our high standards set forth to our faculty. And without that — we’re just a normal school. The last thing we want to be.

I can’t wait to see what you would bring to Array and where we will go together in your new career. :)

Ready to let us know you want to work at Array?

Super simple :) ->


Will my current employer be notified that I am interested in working at Array?

No. Your information and interest to work at Array will be kept between just you and us.

When will I know if there is a job and how long will that take?

We could be in a position to hire full-time in the next 30-days. What that job will be? That’s all depending on who applies, new program demand, and what talents they have.

How will I be notified if you are interested in my application?

If we are interested, we will reach out to you via email and phone to discuss the next steps in the application process and discuss the role we are looking to fill based on your qualifications.

Do you have any “required” qualifications to work at Array?

Yes, specifically three things:

  • You are an expert in the field of the job you would like to have at Array.
  • You are a great people person. You must be able to translate “tech talk” into rudimentary terms that anyone can understand.
  • You thrive in a work environment that is constantly changing providing you with new challenges, new opportunities to grow, and always are thirsty to keep learning.

Are there any current skills that you are specifically looking for?

At the moment, we’re primarily looking to grow our instructional staff with new Professors teaching topics varying from SysAdmin, DevOps, Graphic Design, JavaScript, and Data Center technologies.

I have more questions!

Shoot us an email ->

Or text us -> 307–274–4500

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