Week 1

Don’t let anyone tell you coding is hard, or easy for that matter. It is a complex variable ridden field that is all about trial and error. Fun and frustrating are two more accurate terms that come to mind.

Dogs, computers, plants, and beer… are we at a start up? In a sense, yes.

Week one has been interesting to say the least. Not quite overwhelming, but jam packed for sure. With it being the first week of the first school of it’s kind in Cheyenne there has been a lot of mingling and marketing. Its a good feeling to be pioneers in a way. Even if your family might not completely get it.

Web development is fickle I’m starting to realize. She can be a cruel mistress, yet that “ah ha” moment is what we all, class mates included, live for. The hardest part, for myself, has been the switch from everyday working with my hands and technology as a form of entertainment, to working on a computer everyday and having to think in a new light. The easiest would have to be my morning bike ride to school. One of the first time in my life I am excited to wake up in the mornings. Its still challenging to actually get out of bed however.

The classroom culture is… great. It isn’t too early when we start, lunch is long enough to unplug for a bit, and I have yet to feel like I am in class for as long as we actually are in a day. It’s very refreshing.

The visit from freelance developer Carter Parks was eye opening to the possibilities that actually await us. His talk about experiences, travel, work, and starting out were very entertaining as well as informational. I couldn’t help but imagine myself in his position.

I am excited to continue learning in week two.