Week 1 at Array

Week 1 at Array has been amazing. Getting to know the other students as well as the overall culture is among my favorite things so far. I honestly wake up every day excited to go to school to continue to learn new things because this whole experience is going to transform me into a person with a wide skill set in the web development world.

We started off having a refresher on basic HTML the first couple of days, and evolved into making our weekly project on Friday, which was a semi-functional navigation bar. The pace obviously picked up quick, but it was never overwhelming since we got to implement new concepts in each mini project leading up to the final project.

So far my favorite thing I’ve learned is how to use unordered lists as the skeleton for the navigation bar, and how it makes it so much easier than say, creating a div for each button.

On Friday we had the pleasure to have Carter Parks as a guest speaker. He is a local freelance web developer that gets to travel the world because of the flexibility of his career. He explained how he can maintain an income while also being in a 3rd world country at the same time, which really appealed to me.

After dabbling into some HTML and CSS, I definitely can’t wait to get to some more complex things like Javascript and Ruby. Those two languages will really start to challenge us and will make for some rewarding and frustrating times.