Using the Workforce Agita to Drive Adoption

Photo from fun outing with some of the Mobilize US Team earlier in the year. Nina Nina Wilkinson, me, Michelle Salomon, Sharon Savariego

When I started Array Ventures about a year ago I coined a term, Agitated Workforce, at the firm to help explain the problem our investments at Array Ventures address.

Agitated Workforce is defined by a phenomenon where the workforce adopts external tools out of frustration of ineffectively using the outdated and cumbersome tools provided within a company. If they like the external tools, these early adopters then share their secrets with other coworkers and become advocates for the product until the internal infrastructure has to adapt to use of the product, demonstrating a significant network effect. This is a model many companies such as Intercom, Trello, Slack, and others have taken advantage of to learn which tools are most efficient for their teams to use over time. And while there are more companies taking advantage of the network effect to better introduce their SaaS platforms within companies, there are ever more market opportunities for addressing various business and communication needs.

When I met with Sharon Savariego, CEO of, she started speaking with me about her company in exactly those words. We discussed how the fundamental way we communicate with groups is broken. Working with various messaging tools, like Google Groups, inherently doesn’t scale for groups over 5–7 people. Sharon and Arthur Vainer (CTO of built a solution in Mobilize to help larger communities organize themselves and communicate efficiently. This focus made sense to me and to their users. I started spending more time with the Mobilize product directly setting up my own communities — for my LP communications, deal flow leads, events vendors and invitees, and even my wedding planning! I found that I can have public and private conversations with thousands of community members, poll them on various topics or timing issues, and even alert them over SMS to updates. I never knew I had a low-level agita about all the groups of people I need to constantly connect and communicate with in my individual life.

I’ve been so excited about how easy it’s been to organize and communicate with these distinctly different groups of people across personal and professional networks needs. As I kept discovering more ways to use Mobilize in my own life, I kept thinking about how scalable the discovery and adoption of this platform is for its users and just how much this company could grow with its users through.

Very early on, users from companies such as Docker, Etsy, Salesforce, MeetUp, etc started to adopt Mobilize and shared it with their peers. At every turn, the team at Mobilize has taken a very methodical approach to understanding their customer’s needs and delivering a product that really works. Since they’ve started piloting with these companies, they’ve have been growing at a rate of over 22% MoM. This again — beyond my own personal experience with earlier iterations of the platform — has reinforced for me the specific benefits of this model and the ease with which anyone from consumers to big brands can onboard and start using Mobilize. Everyone everywhere has groups of people they need to communicate with more effectively, and the company’s already seen large brands start using the platform and typically evangelizing it internally within a matter of days.

This rate of adoption could not have been accomplished without that focus on customers and the tremendous discipline, focus, and execution I’ve seen executed with very little capital from the start. Now, with new funding in their Series A led by Trinity Ventures, I’m personally looking forward to seeing how Mobilize will even more directly address the $65B market in a state of deep agitation and in need of adopting effective group communications and community management.

I am thankful the team gave me the opportunity to be part of their journey early on and hope you are able to experience their product as well — give it a shot!