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Inclusive Leadership Experience with GPE

  • Do you want to work alongside the leaders shaping the future of London’s landscape?
  • Do you want to be a changemaker, having a front row seat in the discussion on improving ethnic diversity within leading UK business?
  • As a leader of tomorrow, do you want to be coached by world-class C-Suite executives at a FTSE250 company?

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll develop a one-to-one relationship with a member of GPE’s C-Suite — the very top leadership team.
  • You’ll gain career guidance and coaching from leaders at the very top of their profession.
  • You’ll help GPE really understand the barriers faced by people like you — barriers that close doors into UK business.
  • You’ll play a role in GPE changing its culture so that it becomes even more inclusive.
  • You’ll support GPE’s goal to have a really impactful role within the communities where they work.

Sound good?

Want to find out more?

Who can apply for this?

Want to know more?

Who is GPE?

Who are the leaders?

What does the programme involve?

  • A launch event at GPE HQ where you’ll get to learn more about this brilliant company and meet your mentoring partner as well as connect with others on the programme — all while enjoying a fantastic view of the London skyline
  • A mid-point event which is usually at a local community venue. This gives everyone on the programme a chance to reflect on the programme so far. It also acts as a key moment where we all speak frankly about the challenges young people from ethnically diverse backgrounds face in UK business today. Arrival creates the space for you to say the things you need leaders to hear.
  • A closing event where everyone shares the impact the programme has had on them and leaders commit to an agenda for progress.

What will I gain from the experience?

  • Contribute to breaking down the barriers faced by you and your peers that prevent you from getting ahead in many businesses
  • Learn how the property market works, particularly in the exciting and fast-moving world of London’s commercial property market
  • Gain exposure and insight that could help build your professional and personal skills and confidence
  • Potentially build an authentic connection with someone who could have a profound impact on your career
  • Connect with like-minded peers

What is the time commitment?

How do you apply?

Apply here (application form will take 10–15 minutes to complete)

What happens after I apply?

Applications close 25 March



An award-winning organisation, Arrival Education has more than 13 years of experience helping leading businesses become more diverse and inclusive. We help businesses recruit, retain and develop socially and ethnically diverse young talent and help the talent achieve success.

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