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“Programmes like Artemis Profit Hunt are really important because they have such a massive impact on the people who take part”

We spoke to Nana Otuo-Serebour, a Year 12 student from East London, who has recently completed our Profit Hunt programme with Artemis Investment Management. Nana tells us how she gained a new perspective on her future career path and discovered her talent for public speaking whilst developing a strong sense of self-awareness.

When you first heard about the Profit Hunt programme, what were your initial thoughts and why did you want to take part?

I wanted to learn more about investment management and about Artemis as a business. I’m always really keen to find out more about all aspects of the financial services industry, so when I saw this opportunity I thought this was a perfect way for me to explore a new area.

What has been the highlight of your experience?

The highlight of my experience was the presentation evening, where all teams had a chance to present about one company in their portfolio and what they have learnt in the competition so far. My team won the best presentation award which gave me a big confidence boost as I didn’t know I had a talent for public speaking and presenting. The programme has helped me discover a lot of soft skills that I never knew I had. I was able to understand myself better and it was brilliant to see how these skills might be used in a work environment.

“This was a perfect way for me to explore a new area.”

What did you gain most from taking part in the experience — both personally and in terms of your professional/career development?

I’ve gained a new perspective on my future career path. At first, I wanted a career in accountancy but after doing this programme I realised I’m also really interested in investment management. During the sessions, our mentors described their jobs and why they enjoy them so much and that had a big impact. The programme with Artemis has also made me take more interest in how I invest and manage my own money especially when I progress in my
career and start to earn more. I have a better understanding of how to invest and grow my wealth.

Tell us more about your plans for the future and how this experience influenced them?

I want to continue my education and explore my options. This experience has opened my eyes to the different pathways available to me. I realised that I don’t necessarily need to go to university as there are many apprenticeships that offer work experience alongside a degree-level qualification. Whatever I choose, I feel I am one step closer to my goals because I have a bigger network of people who can support me.

Why are programmes like this important?

Programmes like the Profit Hunt are really important because they have a massive impact on the people who take part. I have learnt so much more about myself and my skills. My world has opened up to new possibilities and I’ve discovered career paths I never knew existed. I learned more about the different jobs that are not always highlighted in mainstream media or in
schools and I was able to get a more authentic look at a company and experience what it might be like working there.

How would you describe your experience to a peer who was thinking of taking part?

It’s an inspirational and I would even say life-changing experience. You will gain so much from your mentors and peers from other schools. You will get a better understanding of yourself and the industry you want to get into as well as gaining more understanding around the steps it takes to reach your goals. You will also meet and connect with people who will inspire you. For example, we met Andy Bird, the CEO of Pearson, who came to Artemis to talk to us about his life, the lessons he has learnt and advice for the future.

“My world has opened up to new possibilities and I’ve discovered career paths I never knew existed”

The final piece of advice I would give is to cherish your coaches, they want to help you but you have to ask for it. I think all industries should have a programme like this! I know many companies, especially within the financial industry, have summer schools and internships but they are not as intimate and impactful as this kind of experience.



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