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What a year!

Our founder Daniel Snell shares an update on the major developments from Arrival in 2021 and brings you news of exciting plans for this year.

2021, what a year, right?

It was certainly a discombobulating spaghetti bowl of national-geo-politics, party-gate, environmental rollercoaster-ism, as well as the ongoing delights of Covid, wasn’t it?

For many, 2021 was yet again incredibly challenging, with plans made, plans changed, and then plans changed again. And here we are at the start of 2022, somewhat in limbo as we wait to see the consequences of the latest variant. Yet, I’m also sensing an optimism in the air that change is coming and that if we can ride this wave, we may emerge from the darkness in a stronger place. I really hope that’s the case.

It seems amazing that the UK economic data still paints an upbeat forecast, giving us reasons to look forward with optimism, positivity and hope.

It feels like there have been winners and losers over the last two years, with so many of us having divergent experiences. And if your experience has been mainly positive, then one can feel hesitant about sharing that, as you know others have had a tougher time of it. So I tread lightly.

Rocketship Growth

I know we’ve had a strong and privileged last couple of years at Arrival, and we are definitely looking at 2022 with confidence after our busiest year to date. The investment we secured early last year has propelled us into an ambitious hive of activity and focus.

The subsequent demands of growth accountabilities to that investment are our only excuse for the radio silence when it comes to the Inclusion newsletter. To put our growth in perspective, we are doubling our team and revenue every six months right now.

Interest in us has definitely been driven too by Dave Lewis joining and leading our advisory team. It’s been a real honour and pleasure working with Dave. He’s direct, agitational, sets high standards, always expects more of you than you think you can do. That demanding attitude is balanced with a genuine, inquisitive desire to do the right thing, always. And he brings as much to Arrival or at least equal to any of his other work commitments. He just works that way because it’s in his DNA. He brings his full attention, he demands yours. He’s the real deal.

But he is also joined on our advisory team by other extraordinary talents, including Alan Stewart, Mel Richards, Atif Sheikh, Franklin Asante and Karen Blackett.

Investor success

Incredibly, we closed out our investment round in under two weeks.

When interested parties ask about how we managed to pull off such a feat, my response is always “two weeks from 20 years of conversations”. Those that know us, know we are no overnight success story but a long journey to this point. And it’s not always been easy sailing.

But it’s not only our advisory that’s exceptional. Our investors are luminaries of the UK investment scene, representing some of the UK’s best known investment houses such as Lansdowne Partners, Silverlake and Artemis. Alongside those are some of the UK’s best respected business minds, who also saw something in what we did that was worthy of their investment.

New Partnerships

Alongside our existing marquee partners, such as Artemis, GSK, Peel Hunt, Mimecast, Investec and Tesco, we’re hugely proud to now add new names, such as IDG, Business Fourzero, Sky, GPE, Lansdowne and more with more names to be added soon.

We’re incredibly ambitious, and are attracting a lot of additional investment attention and market interest. The future looks very exciting for Arrival.

We intend to use our strong position to continue to deliver significant social impact, helping socially and ethnically diverse talent in supporting the UK’s best businesses and their leaders to unlock their Diversity Dividend. A phrase we coined to capture the commercial, innovative and cultural advantages of attracting, retaining, and progressing talent from ethnically diverse and socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Shaking up recruitment

We are launching our Talent Solutions service, which has been years in the making and is a groundbreaking model helping UK business not only attract but also nurture and support diverse talent.

Read more here about our vision and team and why we think it will disrupt the recruitment market.

All very exciting stuff, but perhaps the real gold last year was the relentless work — the hundreds of conversations with leaders, with D&I and HR professionals, as well as the talent we support: the hundreds of hours of programme delivery, the events, sessions and workshops we successfully delivered online or in person.

All of those conversations and interactions act as data points, which start to form a picture, landscape and point of view, when it comes to understanding what businesses and their leaders are thinking, and more importantly what they are doing, when it comes to the D&I agenda.

Click here to read those insights.

Lastly, I recently turned 50 and share some of my reflections here on that. Thanks for all the kind wishes and thoughts. Together, we can be better.

Arrival works with dozens of the UK’s best known businesses and their leadership teams every year via our groundbreaking Leadership Experiences. We also work with, and support hundreds of exceptional socially and ethnically diverse talent — many of whom would be interested in working for or supporting you.

If you’re interested in a conversation about supporting leaders own and drive and agenda at pace or are interested in our talent solutions please email us at

From the whole team at Arrival, we are excited to bring on 2022 and look forward to being in touch again soon.

An award-winning organisation, Arrival Education has more than 13 years of experience helping leading businesses become more diverse and inclusive. We help businesses recruit, retain and develop socially and ethnically diverse young talent and help the talent achieve success.

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