The most important of things my mentors have said was — “You are young, it may be too early to make lifetime conclusions”.

Mummifying my long term plans for a little speck of emotion in a large ocean of regret. That was something I shouldn’t have done back then. New things that I’ve learnt the following —

  1. You will never be “X” seconds old again. The past is in the past. Buckle up, move on.
  2. Whenever asked to choose between money and ABC always choose ABC, for most values of ABC. Money perhaps occupies the lowest rung in an extended Maslow's hierarchy. It’s there, but right there in the bottom.
  3. If you’re looking for gold in a ditch, you might as well look for gold in a clean and nice ditch. At the very least, look for gold in a ditch that doesn’t have thorns in it.
  4. Go all in. This requires a sustained sense of being alive and present in every thing you do. From pressing the keys on my computer as I type this, to much higher mental functions, like walking and speaking.