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A First Look at the Art Bridge Genesis Collection

Art Bridge aims to become the premier platform for traditional artists looking to enter the digital domain of NFTs.

With that goal in mind, our first Curated NFT collection has been carefully chosen to appeal to all audiences, whether they are seasoned crypto-natives or new entrants to the space looking to start their digital art collections.

Childhood by Qu Zijun

The Childhood collection is inspired by the ancient Chinese Zodiac but with a twist. Qu Zijun believes that the cat, not a member of the original Zodiac, is a worthy addition to the ensemble as millions of people around the world adore their feline friends.

We all have fond childhood memories of animals. Do you remember your favorite animal when you were five?

This collection was created to help us indulge in an enjoyable recollection of our childhood through hand-drawn aesthetics, vibrant colors and our favorite animals from around the world.

Qu’s signature POPINK illustration style reimagines traditional Chinese brush painting. Each NFT is comprised of hand-drawn elements that are randomly yet seamlessly combined using Art Bridge technology.

About the Artist

Qu Zijun hails from Suzhou, China and works primarily with traditional Chinese calligraphy, paint and his distinctive “POPINK” modern visual style .

Just last week, Zijun’s work was recognized by Forbes China, as he has been added to the prestigious “30 Under 30” List in the Social/Art/Lifestyle Category!

Zijun describes himself as an artist, a picture book painter, and an urban culture observer and watcher.

He attended the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and he has an ardent following in Ukraine and China. Zijun held his first solo exhibition in the Ukraine at the age of 21. Zijun’s love of his hometown drove him to return to Suzhou and he started his professional art career at the Suzhou Contemporary Art District and became the youngest artist in residence in 2017, a record he still holds.

Zijun has created and published many picture books in the last few years that are extremely popular in China. Zijun’s artwork appeals to all demographics, and he regularly collaborates with Chinese fashion brands and corporations like Vanke, Tencent, W Hotels, and New Hope.

More about Qu Zijun:


Qu Zijun at a signing ceremony for his Suzhou picture book

Countdown to Launch

As we complete final launch preparations, we’ll be releasing more details about the NFT drop in the coming days.

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay informed.

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