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Childhood by Qu Zijun — Drop Details

Public Sale at 7pm ET on November 9, 2021

Art Bridge is excited to announce the launch of our Genesis NFT Collection!

Childhood by Qu Zijun will drop on November 9, 2021 at 7pm ET (2300 UTC)

The collection will consist of 6868 NFTs priced at 0.069 ETH a piece.

Up to 1500 mints have been reserved for our Whitelist members, who will be able to mint up to 3 NFTs each.

100 mints have been allocated to the team and will be used for giveaways, contests and other promotional purposes.

The pre-sale for whitelisted members will commence at 7pm ET on November 8, giving you 24 hours to mint your NFTs at your convenience.

The whitelist is capped at 500 addresses, and only a few spots remain!

Join our Discord today to reserve your Childhood mints.



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