My Dad is an Artist too.

40 years old sketches & paintings by my Dad

My Dad is an artist. He used to draw sketches & paintings when he was in school/college. These drawings awed me when I first saw it (when I was a school kid). An year back, I found this file again at our old house which has my dad’s drawings on torn papers (because these papers are around 40 years old now) — these are treasures for me. I took some time today and taken pictures of my dad’s art & planned to put it online. So here goes, this post is dedicated to my dad who I admire.

Here are some of the great hand sketches & paintings of famous actors & actress of Tollywood (Telugu Cinemas) done in year 1973 — 1975 by Mohan Rao Omkar my dad.

That’s my dad (Mohan Rao Omkar)

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Abhinay Omkar

Abhinay Omkar

New York

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