The Developer’s Golf Tournament

Ing. Francisco R. Parra Carriedo

Residential real estate for tourists is big business in Los Cabos. The product sells. There are many factors that add to the competitiveness of this area including the unique and impressive natural beauty, excellent connectivity, extraordinary weather and a high level of safety.

Approximately 25 years ago, an initiative was undertaken to create an Association of Developers in Los Cabos. The goal was to contribute to the orderly growth of our town. As a result, a regulatory framework was developed that followed three important premises:

1) be economically successful

2) be environmentally conscious

3) be socially responsible

Once a year, a “Developers Golf Tournament” is held. The objective is to promote interaction among the 32 associates and maintain a good working relationship. Golf creates a positive and relaxing environment to do both. Each developer can bring a companion. For the 18th anniversary of the event, we dedicated the Quivira golf course with a total of 68 players.

The entry fee is donated to different associations. In this case, the money was contributed to the San Jose del Cabo Red Cross and the Los Cabos Fire Department.

The foursome of Valerio González, Alfredo Gadsden, Pablo Portilla and Genaro Ruiz were the tournament winners and took home the first place award.

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