Four dancers from the International Institute of the Margaret Morris Movement rehearsing on the beach at Sandwich

The Top 40+++ to Love

And loving living them whenever I can.


beneath depression

you can’t see love

but love trumps

with intention to joy

here, we

bring back the sun

genuine people & warm hellos

random acts of kindness — but only the truly altruistic kind


hugs, kisses, wrapped in essential oils, bergamot,

home, travel

Paris, Sante Fe, the Adirondacks , the howling Pacific

the outback on horseback, the wilderness, the journey

the grasses and dunes of the Atlantic

embracing my soul and seeing others embrace theirs

the days I am more wolf than woman

without apologizing

accepting my wild

freedom from fear

dancing in the surf, barefoot

wearing moccasins, guitar by the campfire

linen, hemp, cotton

my dream catchers

Rumi bringing thoughts of the light breeze of the spirit

engaging with the passionate

poetry of love

living true heart, soul and spirit

life without malls

those concrete chambers

but, white gold (in case someone wants to know)

and life without root canal

life with humour, birdsong, sweet dreams

living with joy and compassion

losing count on my things I love list

listing bringing a smile where there was not

Thanks for reading!

Namasté, Leah J 🕊

© 2019 Leah J. Spence, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
The ART of Living the Matrix