The Path of the Vagabond🕊

The evolving collection of ART Matrix prose, poetry and reviews (last update May 10, 2019)

The vagabond is 
on a soulful path, seeking
‘home’ — travelling
through time and space, to find that 
place of equanimity.
Tanka — Leah J., May 11, 2019🕊

This is my path which I explored and recorded through writing. I share with you because I know how essential it is to well-being.

As I meander through life’s challenges and moments of inspiration I write and I write and I write some more. This publication is the extension of this life-altering exploration.

It is the collection of the archaeological finds, which have been, essentially meaning-making.

The prose, poems and reviews follow a philosophic and poetic path which empowers holistic well-being.

Navigating this path, starts here, with an overview of the thinking behind this life-long project.

The Art of Living the Matrix is the Feature Page.

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The icon linking to this page looks like three ‘yoga moves’ shaped like the word ART (something I am trying to do more of — both the creative art and the yoga:). Click the tab and you will find a collection of featured writings shared across different Medium publications.

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On that page, you will find the evolving collection of articles and more philosophical prose that doesn’t quite fit under the poetry tab.

Yet, just as philosophical prose can be poetic, so too can the poetic wax philosophic. Some writing is just more philosophic than poetic and vice versa. That is how the writing is organized in this publication.

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The Power of Poetry Tab

The next tab is called The Power of Poetry. This page is the gathering place for an evolving collection of poetry relating to the path of the ‘vagabond’.

What is the ART of the Matrix?

Metaphorically, the term ‘Art’ intertwines the imaginative, the creative, and the more cerebral, philosophic elements of our soulful, human journeying. Art is used as an intentional word-play to emphasize that each facet of the matrix and the journey are interconnected.

A— accepting (with thought expansion)
R reflecting (not fusing, with mindful contemplation)
T —transforming (identity narrative, core values and your lived experiences)

The Matrix

This is a journey exploring the parts and the gestalt of the matrix:


Delving into each of the matrix attributes brings deeper awareness and realization of greater potentials, authentically and holistically.

With mindful, intentional attitudes, we gather insight and better understandings of our life narratives. The result is more creative, adaptable yet authentic thinking, feeling and behaving. This expands our potentials to be the best we can be, according to desires, particular situations and personal attributes.

The analogy of writing, self and the forest

Within this philosophy of life and mind, you are the protagonist, writer and agent of your life story. With the following words, Stephen King draws an analogy between writing and the forest. I expand on this by drawing a parallel between life and the forest. Ongoing reflection is essential for well-being.

When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.
 — Stephen King, writer

Integration and balance

By mindfully, creatively and philosophically reflecting on your identity-narrative, habitual patterns are ironically less fused. By expanding on thoughts, you can more effectively respond and adapt effectively to situations. Thoughts and emotions are adapted flexibly rather than forming habitually fused reactions. As we reflect, mindfully on each part and holistically, everything changes — the parts and the whole.

Think of it as an alchemic mix of energy — seemingly magical but for the purposes here, consciously creative — a process of transformation or recombination of the elements. It is intended to be a natural, conscious, ongoing metamorphosis and series of enlightenments — not just a singular enlightenment to aim for at the end of the tunnel. It is an ongoing process of awakenings.

Empowerment is inherently intertwined with this intentional attitude towards living a holistically, balanced, healthy life. You are designing and writing the narrative of your story in which you are the main character. You are also the publisher and the agent. Actively involvement is paramount in the meaning-making dynamic.

study the science of art
study the art of science
develop your senses, especially learn how to see (and to listen)
realize that everything connects to everything else
— Leonardo da Vinci, artist

You get to be (lucky you!) the painter, the paintbrush and the canvas. That can empowering, exciting, and yes, I admit, somewhat daunting at times.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
 — Confucius, philosopher

The tool-belt is the one I use, always and have developed a journey through life which has become much more genuine, fulfilling and enriching. The intentional mindset and actions really starts from you.

Planting the seeds for transformations

I have great faith in a seed
convince me that you have a seed there and
I am prepared to expect wonders
― H. D. Thoreau, philosopher

With an intentional attitude, we can live mindful, soulful, authentic, intelligent, yet simple and passionate lives. Philosophic and poetic seeds are planted and nurtured for growth in this holistic embrace!

🕊 namasté, Leah

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology, writer/artist/teacher
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