The ARTful Philosophy of the Matrix

Foundation and framework for holistic well-being

The ART of the matrix metaphorically integrates artful creativity, imagination and play with the more cerebral, philosophical discussions. ART is used as an intentional play on/with words to emphasize that each facet of the matrix and the journey are interconnected.

A — accepting 
R — reflecting
T — transforming

Within this philosophy of life and mind, you are the protagonist, the writer and the agent of your life story. With the following words, Stephen King draws an analogy between writing and the forest.

When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.
I visualize this in different ways but this one works:
 — your narrative is the forest — your life story
 — you, the protagonist, is the tree in this story
— the parts of your matrix are symbolized by the branches on that tree

We need to spend time nurturing the growth of each branch with attention paid to the holistic health of the tree and how it fits into the forest.

A consciously, creative, active process

By mindfully, philosophically reflecting on your identity-narrative, habitual patterns are less fused — you respond to situations, thoughts and emotions flexibly rather than instinctually reacting. As we reflect, specifically on each part and holistically, everything changes — the parts and the whole.

Think of it as an alchemic mix of energy — a seemingly magical (but for the purposes here, consciously creative) process of transformation or recombination of the elements. It is intended to be a natural, conscious, ongoing metamorphosis.

Empowerment is inherently intertwined with an intentional attitude towards living a holistically, balanced, healthy life. You are designing and writing the narrative of your story. You are also the protagonist and the agent.

In other words, you are the painter, the paintbrush and the canvas.That can empowering, exciting and daunting. Here are the tools which support this journey making it fulfilling and enriching.

When we consciously, insightfully designing our life narrative, it is easier to be authentic, with integrity. The reason this is so important is that it creates a solid foundation for growth and living a fully life, relative to your intentions. It expands your potential as you bring the parts of the matrix together into a balanced, cohesively inter-connected whole.

study the science of art
study the art of science
develop your senses, especially learn how to see (and to listen)
realize that everything connects to everything else
 — Leonardo da Vinci

The Design embraces the parts and the Gestalt of the matrix of your being. By looking at the parts of what makes you, you, the identity narrative is clarified. Your energies flow more freely and a more confident voice is enabled.

It takes courage and vulnerability to wholeheartedly embrace all, that is the authentic you, with integrity. This is especially so in this process in which we choose to embrace both the challenges and the joy.

Through creative and critical thinking, deeper understandings and courage to take action is expanded. Finding this confident voice, your core values and identity narrative can be hugely empowered through writing explorations. It importantly supports a determination to deepen self-awareness, reach out to the world, and to make balanced connections.

Philosophical prose and poetry for a creative embrace

Interesting to note is how philosophers have quibbled over the merits of poetry and other forms of imaginative literature as to whether or not it has cognitive value. Georg Hegel struck a unique pose in his belief that poetry is the most universal and global means of communicating.

Poetry is the universal art of the spirit which has become free in itself and which is not tied down to external sensuous material for its realization. Instead, it launches out exclusively in the inner space and the inner time of ideas and feelings.
— Hegel

Further, in its own creative nature, poetry is a viable source of insight and knowledge. It moves us out of rigid patterns towards imaginative, alternative ways of thinking, problem solving and being-in-the-world.

An intertwining of the esoteric with the erudite and the aesthetic seems to create a more comprehensive, purposeful system of thought.

By distinguishing between more technical philosophical prose and poetry, we can see the merits of both in our lives. They are fundamental different types of styles and content. Both have tremendous power on building a meaningful life journey.

Together with the health of the physical components of the brain, we see the matrix operating as an integrated whole. How we think, emote and act, affects the health of our bio-psycho-social being.

Holistic well-being needs intentional involvement in the process to achieve valuable results. We need to ‘be there’, mind, body, soul and spirit, wholeheartedly, as an active ‘do-er’ in the process.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
— Confucius, philosopher.

It is by being intentionally mindful with solid, but flexible, plans in place, that we can live to our healthiest potentials

Planting the seeds for these transformations

I have great faith in a seed
convince me that you have a seed there and
I am prepared to expect wonders
― H. D. Thoreau

With an intentional attitude, I embrace living a mindful, soulful, authentic, intelligent, yet simple and joy-filled life. And, I write about planting philosophical and poetic seeds that have the potential of doing just that!

namasté, Leah J.🕊

Leah J., M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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