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Art = Oxygen

Priory of the Orange Tree

BY Samantha Shannon

This was a BIG FAT high fantasy book. I am feeling my age these days, because I KNEW exactly when the good guy’s dragon was going to swoop in during the climactic battle and when it did, I wasn’t elated. This is nothing against this book, which was exactly what it was supposed to be: people to root for and against, creatures of all sorts, magic, mythology, plot twists, intrigue: the works. These days more books incorporate LBGTQIA love stories and that’s cool. You can never go wrong with dragons. But I’ve read SOOOOOO many fantasy books, it’s hard to be surprised. Doesn’t mean I don’t keep reading though!!



An attempt to keep track of the creations I’m appreciating

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Dealing with reality on an as needed basis. Celebrating serendipity and seeking equilibrium. On a treasure hunt.